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December 29, 2017
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December 29, 2017

Assignment 2 – Describe, design and illustrate the process of funds gained through illicit finance and how they are a part of the global economy.

Students will depict the current international controls that are in place to regulate illicit financial flows. An emphasis will be placed on depicting emerging markets and developing countries with a demonstration of local, regional, global impacts. Students will be encouraged to look for gaps in money that is laundered through corruption, criminal acts and commercial fraud. The overarching goal is to demonstrate the impact of illicit funds on the global market and to represent the complexity of the financial side of dark networks in a globalized economy.  The following variables should be examined within the scope of the research questions: scale, flow, and profit distribution.


Submissions should be at least 6-8 pages in length, not including a cover sheet and bibliographic material.  Turabian formatting is required.  REMINDER:  The cover sheet and bibliographic material are separate entities and are not counted

Plagiarism results required . Please attach with submission


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