Which one of the following chemical reactions represents the body’s primary method of energy storage.
December 23, 2017
Mahatma Gandhi. According to Kapadia (1995), Gandhi believed that ideas and ideals had no value if they were not translated into action.
December 23, 2017

How can the Skin Diagnose Disorders?

The skin is an organ system that is used to help determine various disorders ranging from hypertension to Addison’s disease. A physician can look at the appearance of the skin to help determine what a patient may be suffering from. For example if one’s skin is blue in color, the person may be suffering from lung disease or asphyxiation. If a person’s skin is orange in color, too much beta carotene may have been ingested from foods such as carrots or squash. The integumentary system which is one of 11 organ systems in the body. The functions of the integumentary system range from protecting the body to helping in vitamin D production. The skin disorder Morgellons disease.

Can you tell me what Morgellons Disease is?

And what are the symptoms of this disease?

And what does the CDC (Center for Disease Control) say about this disease?

How many people suffer from this disease?

What are the current attitudes held by the medical field towards patients’ suffering from this disease?

Do you believe this is an actual condition? Why or why not?

What is another skin disorder?

Can you tell me why you chose this skin disorder?

Why would you choose this disorder?

What are the symptoms of this disorder?

How does the skin help in diagnosing this disorder?

What are the treatments for this disorder?


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