Formulate a PICOT statement using the PICOT format provided in the assigned readings.
July 12, 2019
Provide a 100-250 word debate as to whether or not you believe that epigenetic marks can be inherited.
July 12, 2019

1. Which is NOT a characteristic of acids?
a. taste bitter
b. turn litmus red
c. react with bases to form salts
d. react with metal to form hydrogen gas
2. Lemon juice has a sour taste and turns litmus to red. Lemon juice is,
a. basic.
b. acidic.
c. neutral.
d. caustic.
3. Many medicines have a bitter taste which manufacturers attempt to disguise. These medicines are probably,
a. acids.
b. bases.
c. salts.
d. neutral.
4. A hydrogen ion, H+, is the same as a(n),
a. hydronium ion.
b. proton.
c. electron.
d. hydrate.
5. Which one of the following is a hydroxide ion?
a. OH-
b. H+
c. H3O+
d. H2O-
6. The same number of moles of acetic acid and hydrogen chloride are placed in beakers containing water. After this addition, the beaker with the HCl has more hydronium ions than the beaker with added acetic acid. HCl is classified as,
a. a weaker acid than acetic acid.
b. a stronger acid than acetic acid.
c. equal in acid strength to acetic acid.
d. a base.
7. HCN is classified as a very weak acid in water. This means that it produces,
a. no hydronium ions.
b. a relatively small fraction of the maximum number of possible hydronium ions.
c. a relatively large fraction of the maximum number of possible hydronium ions.
d. 100% of the maximum number of possible hydronium ions.
8. When an aqueous solution containing hydrochloric acid is just neutralized with an aqueous solution containing sodium hydroxide, the solution would taste (don’t try this at home!),
a. sour.
b. bitter.
c. salty.
d. sweet.
9. Which of the following is the correct balanced equation for the neutralization of potassium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid?
a. KOH + HCl ( KCl + H2O
b. KOH + HCl ( ClOH + H2O
c. KOH ( HCl + KCl + H2O
d. KCl + H2O ( HCl + KOH
10. Which of the following is the correct balanced equation for the reaction in water of sulfuric acid, H2SO4, a strong acid?
a. H2SO4 ( H+ + HSO4-
b. H2SO4 ( OH- + HSO4-
c. H+ + HSO4- ( H2SO4
d. OH- + H+ ( H2O
11. Which of the following is the correct balanced equation for the reaction in water of LiOH, a strong base found in alkaline storage batteries?
a. LiOH ( H+ + O- + Li+
b. LiOH ( H2O + Li+
c. LiOH ( Li+ + OH-
d. Li+ + OH- ( LiOH
12. A sample of rainwater has a pH of 3.5. What ion is sure to be present in relatively large concentration in this rain sample?
a. H3O+
b. SO42-
c. OH-
d. HSO4-
13. A solution with a pH of 10 has a hydronium ion concentration of,
a. 10-10 mol/L.
b. 1010 mol/L.
c. 10 mol/L
d. -10 mol/L
14. A solution of toilet bowl cleaner has a pH of 10. The solution is,
a. strongly acidic.
b. weakly acidic.
c. strongly basic.
d. weakly basic.
15. Which substance has the lowest pH?
a. blood
b. lemon juice
c. unpolluted rainwater
d. a concentrated solution of NaOH, sodium hydroxide
16. If the concentration of hydronium ions in a dilute solution of nitric acid is 0.0001M, what is the pH of that solution?
a. 7
b. 14
c. 4
d. 5
17. Which of the following does NOT contribute to acid rain?
a. coal-burning power plants
b. lightning
c. volcanic eruptions
d. none – they all contribute to acid rain.
18. By definition, acid rain has a pH,
a. below 4
b. below 5.6
c. below 7
d. above 8.5
19. All antacids are,
a. acids.
b. bases.
c. neutral.
d. salts.
20. In general, when aqueous solutions of an acid and a base are mixed,
a. a new acid and a salt are formed.
b. a new base and a salt are formed.
c. No reaction occurs.
d. a salt and water are formed


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