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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Question description
Clusters involve the business units of a
geographic area that work collectively to draw customers to their
common location. 
(Points : 1)
Lifestyle segmentation is being examined
and used more to link resorts to mass market guest groups and to
improve their levels of satisfaction.
(Points : 1)
Vacationscapes provide a comprehensive description and prescriptive model of resort development, one that
(Points : 1)
 is unique to the resort industry but common between resorts
 provides an overarching look at the resort plan without significant attention to detail
 incorporates the human, physical, and business needs of an ideal resort experience
 is frequently used for Las Vegas casinos
Which of the following is NOT a difficulty in assessing the financial feasibility of a resort development?
(Points : 1)
 Uniqueness of resort characteristics
 Dynamics of demand and cost uncertainty
 Locational and institutional influences on uncertainty
 Conceptualization and planning
The stakeholders involved in the planning process of resorts
(Points : 1)
 are the developers and owners
 can include people such as the developers and owners, members of the local community, and the government
 includes members of the local community and the developers
 are the owners
The fourth phase in the resort development process is the design, layout, and construction phase. During this phase
(Points : 1)
 down payments are collected from investors
 management is selected and trained at a different resort site
 local environmental conditions and the spatial layout of the resort are determined
 the resort development runs the risk of failing
Strata-title financing works
(Points : 1)
 well in small rural areas
 works best in large cities
 works like condominium financing
 works like typically business mortgage financing
Place marketing is distinctly different from simple product
marketing because in addition to the regular product marketing,
(Points : 1)
 it involves consideration of the external task environment and the multitude of stakeholders who make up the place.
 it involves consideration of the internal environment and the multitude of employees needed to service the guests
 wide variety of media advertising must be put into place
 the individual attributes of the place lead to its overall image
Successful branding efforts require resorts to support their external brand marketing with
(Points : 1)
 an effective media mix, including elements of social media
 an intensive employee training program
 intense internal marketing and staff preparation
 the assistance of outside marketing consultants
Resorts have survived and prospered by changing with the times and
(Points : 1)
 adopting new consumer tastes into their product and marketing mix
 attracting new investors with new funds for development
 using new advertising media as it becomes available
 updating their facilities


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