QUESTION 1 Explain computer policies and provide an example of one
December 26, 2017
Prompt: Research and assess Kroger grocery store’s strategic priorities and behavior. You should investigate internal risks and non-monetary factors that may affect current and future performance and decisions
December 26, 2017

Considering the four components of security documentation policies, discuss and give an example of how all four components are used in industry.

question 2.

200 words apa

Review the following scenario, and then discuss it in terms of both functional and dysfunctional conflict within an organization. Last year, an organization established a company policy requiring that all employees smile and make eye contact with customers. Since then, employee grievances have continued to escalate. In the last month alone, 10 employees from three different stores have filed grievances. Most of them list customer harassment as a major issue: The customers assume that the employee is flirting with them because the customers are misreading the social cues. Additionally, one employee who had recently suffered the loss of her spouse complained about being reprimanded by a supervisor because she was not smiling at customers “with sufficient enthusiasm.” The organization wants to maintain an image as a friendly place to shop that cares about its customers, but the organization also wants to be a place where employees can work in a safe environment. Explain which communication technique (or techniques) you think would be most helpful in creating a solution, and explain why you believe the technique (or techniques) will help.


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