Sarah is a 53 year old woman, moderately obese (BMI 29). A recent U/A was + for glucose and FPG was 192 and 204 on a second check. Her HbA1c is 8.0. She complains of being thirsty, gaining 20 pounds over the past 2 years, having less energy and urinary frequency. Family history + for diabetes. She is a non-smoker and rarely drinks ETOH. Physical exam normal except for being overweight. She is diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and needs to begin treatment. List the following:
December 22, 2017
Management Information Systems: analyze and discuss the central issue(s) faced by Vodafone, including the contributing management and technological factors
December 23, 2017

In this written assignment, select one cultural factor such as health beliefs, language, perception of time, environment control, etc. (see textbook reading) and apply it to a selected ethnic group. The paper will include the following:

v One impact on medication preparation. Explain.

v Two impacts on medication administration. Explain.

v Two potential adverse reactions. Explain with rationale.

v One possible issue in adherence to medication regimen. Explain how this can be overcome.

The PowerPoint should be 6 slides. There should be one title slide, one reference slide, and four slides covering 1-4 above. Use APA Editorial Format for all citations and references used.


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