The Republic of Sudan is located in the north-east of Africa, and it is directly opposite Saudi Arabia only separated by the Red Sea
December 23, 2017
How do motivation psychologists equivocate?
December 23, 2017

Describe And Evaluate Canada’s Role In The Korean War

Discuss what the army, navy and air force did, and try to draw conclusions about their role in the conduct and outcome of the war.
Please note that footnotes/endnotes must include precise page references.
References need to include the page numbers.
Do not use websites as sources of information when researching the essay except for those that reprint scholarly articles.
Do not use textbooks as a source or reference when writing the essay.
Some sources to use are F.W. Wood, Official History of the Canadian Army in Korea, available online
William Cameron Johnstoun, A War of Patrols (2003)
D.J. Bercuson, Blood on the Hills
John Melady, Korea: Canada’s Forgotten War
Edward Meyers, Thunder in the Morning: The Royal Canadian Navy in Korea (1992)


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