Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

An annotated bibliography takes your preliminary bibliography and adds annotation to each entry. Each annotation should contain the following information:

summarize the source
evaluate the method, conclusion, or reliability ( in terms of logic/argument/fallacies/logos/ethos/pathos)
suggest the source’s usefulness to your research
Each annotation should be approximately 200-250 words. The bibliography entry does not count in terms of the word count. So, in total 8 sources at a minimum of 200 words for annotation = 1,600 words.

Write an annotated bibliography for eight sources. You can use the sources from your preliminary bibliography if they are valid sources. Sources should be recent sources, within the last five or six years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and2016).


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