Pearson Brothers recently reported an EBITDA of $7.5 Million and net income of $1.8 million. It had $2.0 million of interest expense, and its corporate tax rate was 40%. What was its charge for depreciation and amortization?
December 29, 2017
an analysis of the significance of your doctoral research problem for promoting positive social change
December 29, 2017

DDBA 8303 Week 8 Discussion 1 Reflecting on Bias

To prepare for this Discussion, consider what you have read about bias, as well as your experiences as an independent scholar and doctoral researcher thus far. Reflect on any preconceived biases you might have that would impact your ability to remain objective.

By Day 3

Post an evaluation of ethical considerations for independent scholars within the doctoral research process. In your evaluation, do the following:

· Briefly describe your problem statement and the topic you have chosen for your individual Doctoral Study.

· Analyze any potential biases, assumptions, and attitudes that may impact your Doctoral Study, including how you identified these issues.

· Explain potential strategies for addressing and limiting the negative impact of your own biases, assumptions, and attitudes on your study. Be sure to provide scholarly examples to support your explanation.

DDBA/8303 Week 8 Discussion 2 Doctoral Study and the Scholar-Practitioner Model

To prepare for this Discussion, reflect upon how your Doctoral Study concept has evolved since the beginning of this course and the ways in which you have built a solid foundation for your Doctoral Study project.

By Day 4

Post an assessment of the doctoral research process within the context of the scholar-practitioner model. In your assessment, do the following:

· Describe how your particular Doctoral Study might bring about improvement on management or business practice.

· Reflect on the most important components of the doctoral research process from your perspective as an independent scholar.


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