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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

International Management Case Studying – Baosteel Homework questions
Paper details:

1. I will upload the case, and the questions for you, please follow the questionnaire to answer them.

2. For the first question, you need to create 4 tables, i will upload my teaching material with the templates, please follow step 1 – 4 to answer it.

3. Please answering these questions like a student with own unique point of view.

Baosteel Europe
1. Prepare a stakeholder analysis using the Step 1-4 model provided by the instructor (template available on PPT).
2. Baosteel is a diversified company. What are the main industries that the company competes in
3. What is meant by the term “State-Owned Enterprise (SOE)”
4. In what activities has Baosteel engaged as related to Corporate Social Responsibility
5. Why did Baosteel select Germany as a location for its European subsidiary operations


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