You have been appointed as a Business Analyst in charge of Newcastle United Football Club (FC) performance review. You are expected to submit a report that will critically appraise your chosen department or sector of Newcastle United FC by implementing and deploying a Business Intelligence/Data Analytics System
December 30, 2017
Changing Theories: New Directions in Sociology
December 30, 2017

Why are Jerusalem’s holy sites so significant and hold such importance today?

Read Daniel Pipes’ 2001 very controversial article “The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem“ in the Middle Eastern Quarterly (a copy is available online : and the link to this article is below). In this essay, you are to (1) summarize his argument, and (2) evaluate his thesis in light of what you know about Jerusalem’s history (HINT: Try to deconstruct Pipes’ argument and analyze it, or in other words, don’t just summarize Jerusalem’s history since you did that already for Question #1!). You may comment briefly as well on the recent events that transpired this week on Jerusalem (see the statement from the White House here: in light of your critique of Pipes). Do you agree or disagree with Pipe’s conclusions? Why are Jerusalem’s holy sites so significant and hold such importance today? Support your argument with historical facts, readings from class discussions and lectures using APA style.sources that must be included . Galor, Archaeology of Jerusalem Charlesworth, “The Importance of the Temple for Ancient Jews,” and “Jesus and the Temple. Boehm, Jerusalem, 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven Masalha, “The Bible, Zionism, and the Invention of Tradition Cohen-Hattab, “Harbingers of Modernization Cohen-Hattab, “When East Meets West,” and “The Divided City Cohen-Hattab, “Tourism in the Reunited City,” and “The Role of Tourism in Jerusalem’s Future,


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