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December 24, 2017
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December 26, 2017

Kingston Impact Basketball Club: barriers to growth, strategies to move forward to ensure long-term sustainability


The Kingston Impact Basketball Club is committed to providing a basketball program that contributes to a long term healthy and active lifestyle, developing fundamental skills and good sportsmanship while encouraging a passion for sport.

Visit their website at: Kingstonimpact.ca

View this as we interview Don Pierson, past-president of Kingston Impact Basketball Club.






What have you done well – since you started back in 2007?

What programs link strongest to your mission?

What is (or are) your Club’s greatest assets?

What are your biggest challenges as a Club?

How do you make money as a Club?

What are your barriers to growth?

What clubs do you admire – why?

What cites are great basketball towns?

What would you want your Club to look like if five years?

Who is on your Board (no names) – what are their skill sets/knowledge and what is the Board’s strengths and weaknesses?

Does your Board discuss long-term planning and do you do any development?

Current Situation Analysis: where are they today …

Current revenue generators:

House league fees

Tournaments – Mega, others

Rep teams – break even





Biggest expenses:







Biggest barriers to growth:

Gyms – gym time


Attraction of players – coaches


So … breaking it down, there are three (?) areas of concern/barriers to growth the Board needs to address …

Gym time – strategies (how do they solve this today, and what does tomorrow look like?)



Money – strategies (there are several areas they make money today, and they could in the future)



Attraction – strategies (attraction of who, whom …)




Your assignment:

1 – research – what do I need to know? … what do we need to know? …who is solving this?

2 – brainstorm – share what you know, (S+W we have) and where are the opportunities and threats …

3 – best opportunities – bring the best ideas forward … work them up, develop ideas/strategies – work them through to a few tactics (short-term, long-term – but everything should be forecasting to a long-term success)

4 – small, deliverable … come up with a ‘step forward’ …

5 – write it up

Possible projects:

Improve communication with stakeholders for attraction of players/talent/coaches – stakeholders could include: schools/school boards (which could also be linked to gym time), colleges/universities (which could be linked to talent and gym time), parents/players, coaches, referees (with the end result helping to … assist with one of the three identified needs)

Improve relationships with surrounding municipalities – which could result in stronger partnerships on tourism (short-term and long-term), sponsorship, (short-term and long-term), cash (new money – long-term) … and gym space (long-term)

Review opportunities for grants for funding

Review sponsorship package

Board development and attraction

Megas and Tournaments

Camps – Workshops

Writing it up! STAY STRATEGIC

12pt font – Calibri – spacing 1.5

Page one – cover, with the client logo and the strategy with team names

Page two – current situation analysis – what is happening at the Club, right now. You may want to include areas of the SWOT, the strengths and weaknesses. State the area you will ‘tackle’, in hopes of improving growth and/or remove barriers to growth (one to two pages).

Page three – research – what you found out, site sources (one to two pages) you should provide the research, and narrate how this may/could/would/should impact the Club.

Page three – opportunities and threats – forming the strategy – within your ‘strategy area’, show the areas you feel there is or are growth opportunities or development — working towards long-term growth and sustainability (one page).

Page four – THE IDEA – this is where you show the strategy to tackle your area, and work up a tactic … with outcome you can show (such as: if you were redoing the sponsorship strategy, reworking their sponsorship package and provides strategies to ‘get it out’ and ways to present it, promote it – moving it to a ppt) … I can assist you with your deliverable!

Addendums – attach pieces to your presentation, to help showcase your ideas (if necessary).

Rubric, in short form:

Followed the format, including cover page – 5pts

Professional – 10 pts

CSA – 15 pts

Research – 20 pts

Forming the Strategy – 20 pts

IDEA and the idea work-up/deliverable – 30 pts


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