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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

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According to early childhood professor Judith Levin, “a
quality Pre-K program should not be a Pre-K program that is designed to have
the children ready to go to school, it should be a Pre-K program that has
children ready for life” (Broxson, 2011).   
As Kostelnik, Soderman, and Whiren (2011) describe in detail, there are various
criteria that indicate a high quality program (Kostelnik et al., 2011). This
criteria includes well-prepared and compensated practitioners, stable staffing,
small group sizes, and low adult-child ratio.
Consider the
following scenario: One of your family members is trying to determine which
preschool is best for her 4-year-old, and she is considering enrolling her in a Quality Georgia Pre-K Class. Write
a letter to your family member and provide suggestions about what to look for
in a high-quality preschool program. In determining the best program for any
child, it is important to utilize basic criteria. This criteria may include
objective measures like the safety of the environment and teacher/child
ratios.  It may also include more subjective measures like how warm and
nurturing the environment feels.


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