Discuss what the army, navy and air force did, and try to draw conclusions about their role in the conduct and outcome of the war.
December 23, 2017
describe three rate based measurements of quality
December 23, 2017

Aim for about 600 words minimum for essay A, 300 words for essay B.

Group A – possible essay questions (600 word for each question)

  1. How do motivation psychologists equivocate?

  2. How can behaviorism be said to be an inconsistent psychology?

  3. Why did Thomas Szasz write: ‘psychiatry is the disease it pretends to cure’?

  4. Why have industrial psychologists been called the ‘servants of power’?

Group B – possible essay questions (300 word for each question)

1- Existentialism on work place

2- Connection between psychology and Existentialism

3- Crisis on adult life

4- General influence on scientific psychology


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