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February 8, 2018
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My information system Lexis Nexis
Paper details:

Essay on analyzing the features and usage of the information system LEXIS NEXIS AS WELL as provide an Overview of Information System.

Your introductory paragraph(s) should provide an overview of your information system by briefly describing your information system and explaining the purpose of the information system.

Features and Usage of the System

In this section, describe what the system does, from a user’s perspective. When you log into the system, what choices do you have for what you can do with it Look at the menu options in your system and decide which functions of the system are most important. Choose several of these functions/features and describe each one in its own well-developed paragraph. When describing a function, walk the user through that function, describing the interactions the user has with the system. What data or information does the user enter into that function What does the information system do with that data Does it transform it in some way How is that data later retrieved or displayed (output) What is that data used for
As an example, if your information system is Facebook, you might describe “Status Updates” as one function of the system. You would describe the purpose of a status update and then describe how you use this function. You would describe how the user enters a status update (i.e., click on status update box and type your post). You would describe any options that the function has (i.e., add photos to your post, tag people in your post, add a location to your post, select the audience for your post, etc.). You would discuss what the system does with the data you input and you would describe how that information is displayed and output again. For example, for the Facebook “Status Update” function, you would describe how Facebook saves your status updates in its database, and how it displays it in your friends’ news feeds, as well as on your timeline.
Remember to describe each feature or function of your system in a separate, well-developed paragraph. To continue with the Facebook example, other features could include the customizable settings, the News Feed, the Timeline, Messages, Groups, etc. You would fully describe each of these main features in a separate paragraph, covering the purpose, information inputs, processing (what the system does with information you input into that feature), and outputs or displays. For another example, if you are analyzing a work-related system, the output of some features of your system might take the form of reports generated for management, or automatically generated emails or notifications, or simply queries that you can run which display information on your computer screen.
(One final note on this section – remember to focus on the usage of the system, rather than on specifics of the hardware and software of the system. You will go into more detail in analyzing the hardware and software requirements of the system in your second essay, so save your research on the server-side and client-side hardware and software requirements for your next essay. You will receive detailed guidance on those requirements later).


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