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December 22, 2017
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December 22, 2017

Direction: Work on the questions below and save your work progresses from time to time by clicking Ctrl-S.

Using.mdb file

  1. Open .mdb. 1) For the table Classes, set a validation rule for the ClassTime field such that the Class start should be between 9 am and 7 pm inclusively. (The expression for time is like #9 AM#.) Provide appropriate Validation Text to the ClassTime field such as “Please enter between 9 AM and 7 PM.” 2) For the table Classes, set a validation rule that the StartingDate should come berfore the EndingDate. Provide an appropriate Validation Text for this validation rule such as “Starting Date should be earlier than Ending Date.” (3 points)

  2. 1) For the table Classes, set a Lookup table for the ClassDay that gives the selection of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in the ClassDay field. 2) For the table Classes, set up a table-based Lookup table for CourseCode of table Classes that replaces it with the CourseCode and CourseTitle of the table CourseDescriptions. Uncheck Hide key column during the Lookup Wizard process. 3) On the Relationships diagram, make 1-to-many relationship between the tables CourseDescriptions and Classes. (3 points)

  3. Create a query called, “Students Class List,” that displays StudentID, FirstName, LastName, ClassCode, and CourseTitle in the ascending order of StudentID. (3 points)

  4. Create a query called, “Student Tuition,” that displays StudentID, FirstName, LastName, Tuition that adds up CourseFees of the table CourseDescriptions for all the courses taken by each student. (3 points)

  5. Populate the table Students_Classes with three more rows (records) as you would like. (3 points)

  6. Create a query called, “Enrollment per Class,” that displays ClassCode, CourseTitle, and Number of Enrollment that is the count of students who take each course. (3 points)

  7. If a student takes less than three courses, the student becomes a part time student. Create a query called, “Part Time Students,” that displays StudentID, FirstName, LastName, and Number of Courses taking. (3 points)

  8. For the table Students_Classes, we want to record each student’s grade for the class taken. 1) Add a field, GradePoint, to the table Students_Classes, with the Data Type of Number / (Field Size) Single / (Format) Fixed / (Decimal Places) 1. 2) Fill the GradePoint field with any number of 4.0, 3.7, 3.3, 3.0, 2.7, 2.3, 2.0. 3) Create a query called, “Student Average Grade Point,” that displays StudentID, FirstName, LastName, Avg Grade. (Hint: Use Format([GradePoint], “Fixed”).) (3 points)

  9. In managing classes, we need to record students attendance throughout a semester. 1) Create a table called, “Attendance” that has the fields, StudentID, ClassCode, AttendnaceDate, Attendance, and Note. 2) Make a Lookup table for Attendance with the selection of Present, Absent, Late, and Excused. 3) Make the default value for Attendance is Present. 4) Make a Lookup table for the ClassCode that allows to select the class code from the ClassCode of the table Classes. 5) Add the table Attendance to the Relationships Diagram and make linkages to tables Classes and Students. 6) Populate several records to the table Attendance. (6 points)


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