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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

The individual critical analysis papers are relatively short and concise critiques of the musicals you will watch. As a critique, the paper should include (but not be limited to) such information as:
Did you like the musical Why or why not
In your opinion was the musical effective at telling its story Why or why not
How does the musical reflect the time period in which it was written and/or set You may also talk about the production values of the musical, including (but not limited to):
The acting
The singing
The settings/lights/costumes
The overall staging
What the paper should NOT be is a plot synopsis. While it may be necessary to describe certain plot elements in order to effectively illustrate your point, simply re-telling the story is NOT acceptable.While you are not required to do any research, you may need to do some quick-n-dirty research in order to find information about the time period in which the musical is set or when it was written. If you cite any sources you ll need to note them properly and include a works cited page, using whatever notation style you re comfortable with.The paper should be between 850 and 1,500words no shorter, no longer. You should use Times New Roman or a similar font in 12-point type. Please use standard margins. Please do not include multi-line headers or footers. Your name and a simple title at the top of the first page will suffice


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