Choose an angiosperm with at least 1 unusual organ, characteristic, modification, or adaptation.
July 12, 2019
Explain and defend the rationale behind recommending the model.
July 12, 2019

The case study below offers an excellent perspective on how projects are often initiated under less than ideal circumstances—which often lays the ground work for project failure.

Companies that provide a service for another company usually respond to a bid document from a company that needs help. This case study is a good example of this situation. The bid document can be as simple as an email from the buyer to the seller or as complicated as a request for proposal (RFP) outlining the objectives of the project and asking a seller to develop a proposal that provides a solution.

Each company (seller and buyer) will have a business case for doing the project. The Peter’s Company is outsourcing for a reason. The Corwin Corporation is taking on the project for a different set of reasons. One of the reasons the Corwin Corporation is taking on the work is the looming, potentially very lucrative production contract if they are successful. There are no guarantees in research and development project that there will be success.

Part 1 (20 points)–Prepare a requirements management plan (RMP) that addresses the five components described in Section, PMBOK 6e. The plan should be at least 3 but not exceed 4 pages and does not need to conform to APA guidelines (except for citing and referencing sources).

Some things to think about – how is the role of the in-house rep dealt with in the RMP as it relates to activities for planning, tracking and reporting requirements? Configuration management is not just about software and versioning. What processes will be used for configuration management activities as they relate to changes in the product requirements? How and who will authorize/approve changes? The traceability structure should be tailored to the type of project and should ensure that each requirement adds business value.

Part 5 (15 points)– Create Scope Validation Process. Using the cast of characters from the case study (and any additional people needed), prepare a process for validating the work packages and higher-level components of the WBS. For each part of the process flow diagram, explain in a separate page who from the case study is involved and what is to be done


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