Dealing With Difficult Participants
December 29, 2017
Reliability and Validity
December 29, 2017

DDBA8303 Week 2 Discussion Principles and Methods of Qualitative Data Collection

To prepare for this Discussion,review this week’s Required Readings and consider why the different sources of evidence are important to the work of a DBA doctoral researcher, including the role of triangulation within the qualitative data collection process.

By Day 3

Post an analysis of sources and methods of data collection in the context of your DBA doctoral research question. In your analysis, do the following:

· Explain how the “Four Principles of Data Collection” from Yin (2014) support your ability to address your DBA doctoral research question.

· Explain the importance of utilizing multiple sources of evidence and triangulation within the data collection process. Be sure to address the specific types of data triangulation (data, investigation, investigator, methodological) and their relationship to data quality. Be sure to provide a scholarly example to support your explanation.

DDBA 8303 Week 2 Assignment Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project—The Interview Guide

Assignment: Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project—The Interview Guide

To prepare for this Assignment, review the Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project: Interview Guide Template, provided in this week’s Required Readings, and consider what type of research questions to ask. Keep in mind that your research question (Level 2) for this Assignment should be one that can be answered, at least in part, by the Level 1 questions asked in each interview. Questions that provoke a yes/no response are not permitted in a Doctoral Study interview guide.

By Day 7

Submit your completed Interview Guide, including the following components:

· Primary Business Research Phenomenon

· Research Question (Level 2)

· Primary Research Goal(s)

· Initial Probe Questions

· Targeted Interview Questions (Level 1)

· Targeted Follow-up Questions

· Wrap-up Question

Note: Be sure to use the Interview Guide Template to complete this Assignment.

DDBA/8303 Qualitative and Case Study Methodology for Business Analysis Research


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