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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

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Review the Top 3 Pre-K Questions: What Parents Need to Know About High
Quality Preschool.  Reflect on these qualifications in
regard to a program of your choice.  Sharing specific information from these
three, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current program and rate
its overall quality.
How large are the classes and what are the staff-child ratios?
What to look for:
Classes no larger than 20 and preferably smaller (15-18), especially if your
child is more comfortable and will receive more personal attention in a smaller
class. Classes must have at least one teacher per 10 children.
2.) How much are your teachers paid?
What to look for: Salaries that are comparable to what private or
public school teachers earn for teaching Kindergarten or First grade.
3.) Can I make an appointment to visit your
program and spend time in a classroom?
What to look for: safe spaces with children comfortable and engaged in
what they are doing, not easily distracted or wandering aimlessly; children
seem happy, not distressed, bored or crying; adults are caring, sensitive (not
harsh), responsive to children’s needs and requests, and involved in what the
children are doing by helping children solve problems, accomplish projects and
learn; time and space for active outdoor and indoor play as well as quiet time.
Children’s voices dominate.


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