Create a Use Case TWP comprising five (5) distinct use cases. Ensure that you identify what actor(s) are involved. Format in any manner you are comfortable with, but ensure it looks “professional”. (hint: I’m looking for categories of use cases then child use cases)
December 29, 2017
B.J., a 70-year-old black female has been seen in the clinic several times. The last time she was in for a check-up was 6 months ago to get her prescriptions refilled. She has returned to the clinic today because she “ran out of blood pressure medicine” and would like to get her prescriptions renewed. She has not taken any prescription medicine in approximately 6 months
December 29, 2017

Research two or three career paths of interest in your prospective field. In 750-1,000 words, include the following:

Labor market and availability (e.g., location)
Income range
Education/training needed
Job availability
Future stability
Time Demands
Challenges (e.g., burnout propensity)
Opportunities for advancement
Does it match your skill level?
Does it align with your personality? Value system?
Summarize which path best suits you and your career choices. Explain why.
Discuss any surprising factors surrounding the career paths of your prospective field.
At least two to three scholarly sources are required for this assignment.


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