Review the Learning Resources on scholarly voice and transitions
December 29, 2017
Summarizing Main Points
December 29, 2017

WCSS 6051 Week 4 Assignment Paragraph Revisions

W4 Assignment: Paragraph Revisions

To prepare for this Assignment:

· Review the Learning Resources related to revision and paragraph development.

· Review your first-draft paragraph from Week 3 Assignment against the MEAL plan model.

· Review the Infographic on MEAL plan guidelines

The Assignment:

Revise the paragraph from your Week 3 Assignment, to align with MEAL plan guidelines, so that your paragraph includes a main idea, supporting evidence, analysis, and lead-out. Your submission should be 1 paragraph long.

Use the following questions to guide the writing of your paragraph:

· Does your paragraph begin with a clearly stated main idea?

· Does your paragraph include evidence supporting the main idea?

· Does your paragraph provide analysis and/or counterarguments?

· Does your paragraph end with a lead-out sentence?

WCSS6051 Week 4 Discussion Reflecting on Your Writing Paragraphing

A well-organized paragraph is a central component to any piece of scholarly writing. This Week’s Learning Resources provide a useful framework to assess your first-draft paragraph for revisions in the Assignment, as well as to consider when drafting your next paragraph! In addition, you will review some general guidelines of effective revision practice.

For this Discussion, you will reflect on your own writing in relation to revision and paragraph development. Based on what you have learned from the week’s Learning Resources, you will share your thoughts and experiences on revision and paragraph development.

To prepare for this Discussion

· Review the Learning Resources on revision and the MEAL plan.

· Reflect on your writing process in relation to revision and paragraphing. You may even choose to consider how you approached this specific Assignment in relation to revision and paragraphing.

Post by Day 3 a 1-to-2-paragraph reflection on your revision and paragraphing skills, including any strengths as well as weaknesses. (Note: You may choose to reflect specifically on how you will apply revision and effective paragraphing concepts in this week’s Assignment.)


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