Challenging Decisions–Best Of Breed Or Monolithic Systems
December 28, 2017
Choose one of the following questions: Compare and contrast the functionalist view of social stratification and the conflict theory’s view of social stratification
December 28, 2017

Suicidality is common among individuals with major depressive and bipolar disorders. It is very likely that, as a social worker, you will work with a client who reports suicidal ideations and may even present with a plan.  For this Discussion, research suicidality and identify an evidence-based plan of action for a client who reports these feelings. Then consider the following:

•How would you respond professionally?

•What protocol would need to be in place at your agency?

•What personal emotional responses you might have to this revelation?

Post a brief description of the article you selected that addresses social work action planning for working with clients who express suicidal ideations. Then, explain how you, as a social work professional, might respond to a client who expresses suicidal ideations and what agency protocols might need to be in place to best serve the client. Finally, explain any emotional responses you might have if your client reported active suicidal ideations in a social work session.


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