Research Project:  Food and Geography For this project, you’ll choose a food, such as pizza, or a cuisine, such as Italian cuisine, and then research how four geographic concepts are related to and affect your choice
December 29, 2017
Alignment Within Qualitative Studies
December 29, 2017

Week 7 Assignment: Draft Doctoral Study Prospectus

Week 7 Discussion: Understanding the Research Process

DDBA 8300 Week 7 Discussion Understanding the Research Process

Post an assessment of your understanding of the research process. Your assessment should include the following:

· How has your learning from this experience influenced what you will do going forward through your doctoral study process? Be sure to provide supportive examples.

· What areas of weaknesses can you build upon going forward into your Doctoral Study? Be sure to provide supportive examples.

· What opportunities have you identified for promoting positive social change based on your increased understanding? Explain.

· What further questions do you still have about the doctoral research process?

DDBA8300 Week 7 Assignment Draft Doctoral Study Prospectus

Submit your Doctoral Study Prospectus draft, using the Doctoral Study Template, and include the following elements:

· Problem Statement

· Purpose Statement

· Nature of the Study

· Central Research Question and Interview Questions (qualitative) or Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (quantitative)

· Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

· Significance of the Study

· Review of the Professional and Academic Literature

· Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references


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