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June 21, 2017
accounting discussion
June 21, 2017

Who are the oligarchs – How are the oligarchs Economic
Questions: (all answers should be in pithy paragraphs) (Use any source you want)
1.Who are the oligarchs? Give a general definition and include specific names.
2. How are the oligarchs Economic Rent seekers? What rent are they seeking?
3. How are they seeking this rent? Be complete
4. Identify and briefly describe laws and Supreme court decisions that were enacted that enabled the Oligarchs in their rent seeking?
5. Identify and briefly describe laws that were not enacted because of the rent seeking activities.
6. The situation described in the articles is in 2011. Do you think things have gotten better or worse since?
7. What do the authors of “Winner Take All Politics” see for our future
8. Which 2 senators are actively fighting for the middle class blue collar workers?


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